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Welcome to Hanson Gallery Online. We hope you will enjoy viewing the works of the fine artists we represent. If you would like more information on a particular piece, or on any artist we represent, please feel free to email us, call or write us directly.

As you will see, we represent a relatively small number of artists, representing a cross section of both regional and national talent, recognized as well as up and comers. We have a reputation for showcasing new and experimental work without sacrificing broad appeal. We operate under the philosophy governed by both experience and excitement – that is to not be afraid to highlight talent that we feel may have been overlooked, or works that might not ordinarily be displayed for sale.

Many of our artists have been with us for many long years, reminding us that we are a valuable member of the community with a responsibility to repay our good fortune. We sponsor many events, school showcases, contests, regional fairs, and we are in the process of forming a committee to study a scholarship fund for a student with fine art ambitions. Along with local boosters, the gallery participates in much needed fund raising efforts for the three major hospitals in the area, school art programs, a countywide effort to bring art to the rural communities through outreach and gallery sales. A number of restaurants, grocery & convenience stores, along with other local merchants join us annually at the Riverside Parkway festival, where we invite artists and craftspeople from across the country to come and share their work.

Other events we’ve sponsored include activities that serve urgent needs in our community. For example, we assist wig salons that cater to women artists undergoing chemo and radiation treatment or have other medically related diseases that cause hair loss, help them through this temporary period by giving them confidence by providing wigs that are both natural looking and comfortable. Although there are many wig manufacturers, Noriko Wigs has been a leader in helping many women preserve their sense of self esteem and we are proud to support their efforts.

As someone who appreciates the amazing creative talent of our many artists, I am still astounded at what inspires and informs their work. One of our more prolific artists recently showed a series of work based on her experience of watching her mother go through a new
medical alcohol detox program that treats people with a drinking problem not as if they had a “chronic relapsing brain disease”, a definition that the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) uses to define Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), but rather as a symptom of a larger psychological issue. The artist’s series of paintings depict the transformation of her mother who felt she was a total failure for never being able to successfully abstain from drinking via rehab and AA abstinence 12 step programs, to a woman who through pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy is able to control her drinking demons. I inquired about the program and learned that the medication her mother was on is called Baclofen, a drug that removes or strongly suppresses cravings for alcohol in 92% of people. For a number of years doctors in Europe have been prescribing baclofen as the primary treatment for people who drink excessively. Initial clinical trials show that Baclofen has a 65% success rate for treatment-resistant alcoholics , allowing them to return to low- or medium-risk drinking. It’s incredible that this treatment doesn’t require abstinence although, the artist said that many people do stop all drinking. The paintings were breathtaking, but knowing the back story of what inspired the series made seeing them even more rewarding.

Art is everywhere, yet as the economy worsens, it becomes even more imperative to preserve those elements of our culture that may not be as accessible to everyone. In fact, we know that fewer and fewer people are able to afford anything beyond the necessities, and sometime even that is difficult. We are always looking for opportunities to provide young artists with outlets and access to potential customers and supporters. We strongly believe that nurturing the creative spirit serves us all.

We now have a relationship with multiple online businesses, including sites that make use of art in creative ways. For example Rene of Paris wigs & accessories is an online store whose products are handled with nontraditional art backgrounds on e-wigs.com. This site is a great example of art used in a commercial context. Also look at technical sites, chief among them re1y.com & fastrewind.com where computer art is used as a major design element. Many of our artists work part time in businesses that would not normally be associated with art, but since art is ubiquitous, it’s not at all surprising to find it everywhere you look.

When in Carmel, please drop by and visit our gallery. Throughout the year, we have many special events and openings. Please view our calendar of events on this website for a complete listing.

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