“Central Park”
S. Sam Park

Charles Dwyer, Jr.

“Cruising the Floor”
David Richey Johnsen

David Dodsworth

“True Reflection”
Roy Fairchild-Woodard

Chiu Tak Hak

“Currency # 4”
Scott Hanson

Malcolm T. Liepke

“The Little Fisherman”
Reed Jensen

“Songs of Grace”
Frederick E. Hart

Viktor Shvaiko

“Blue-Green Abelard”
Dr. Seuss

M.L. Snowden

Mackenzie Thorpe

“We Are Family”
Mackenzie Thorpe Limited Edition

“City Street Hats”
Thomas Williams

“Kaleidoscopic Baby Poster”
Bill Tosetti

Nano Lopez

“Jack of Hearts”
Alan Boileau

“New York Mirrors”
Luigi Rocca

“Leopard 2”
Luis Sottil

“April At Augusta”
LeRoy Neiman

“A Toast To Opus”
Thomas Stiltz

“The Presa”
Michael French

“Shades Of Pink”
Joseph Lorusso

“Beauty Fauve II #95”
Peter Max

Pablo Picasso

“The Descent From the Cross”

“Horizon V”
Robert Cook

Luc Leestemaker

“Gold Evening”
Michelle Gagliano

Francois Gavazzi

“A Pair”
Anne Packard

“The Rather Odd Myopic Woman”
Art of Dr. Seuss 2006 Sneak Preview

Joanne Licsko

“The Other Side of the Ocean”
Claudia Cohen

“Jimi Hendrix 2”
Malcolm Farley

Pamela Murray

Kay Villalobos

“Cafe Francais”
Leon Roulette

“Bright Night”
Gwen Toomalatai

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There are many types of art. Each of them have their own style & technique. They are all beautiful in there own way. I have found many types of art as well as several artist that seem to speak to me directly. I feel a connection with them like no other. It is kind of funny how art can take you back in time or to a another place that you once knew but have long since forgotten about. It is one of the most important things that mankind has ever had the privilege to take part in. I say take part in because that is all that we can hope to do where art is involved. There are so many beautiful things that inspire artists to render paintings or sketches but it is only their interpretation of the art placed here by mother nature herself.

What ever your view point is on life or how ever busy you think you are. You would do well to take some time to look over the masterpieces that have been created through the ages. I am the first to say that, what some people consider art is lacking but there is always someone who identifies with it. The piece does not need my validation to be art & that is what can be so interesting about it. There are some pieces of art that have moved me to tears as I examined them. That was a powerful emotion evoked by a great artist.

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