Alan Boileau

Alan Boileau creates relief art in wood. He generally makes wall sculpture, but is not limited to it and has done ceiling and floor mounted installations during his career.

Boileau lives and works in the spectacular Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada. He is quickly gaining renown for his bas relief artworks in wood which are sold in prominent galleries throughout North America, including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Jacksonville, Detroit, Seattle, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver, and his home gallery at Whistler.

In addition, Alan has produced a considerable body of commissioned artworks, including municipal projects in public spaces, corporate and commercial works in a wide variety of applications, and artworks inspired by private clients for their homes. Perhaps what Alan is best known for are large installations depicting sport which now hang in some of North America’s finest sporting venues.

Alan explains his technique in this manner, “I’m focused on using the sculptural effect of my medium to create lively, textural works of art. For my traditional works on a backboard, I essentially create a painting that replaces the strokes of paint with finely cut pieces of wood for a rich, natural image.”

Self taught and always inventive in his ways, he created some pieces in this manner in his teens and early twenties, experimenting with his new found medium while gauging the public reaction to his art. Alan spent the following fifteen years in home furnishing design and manufacture before embarking as a full time artist in 1997. At that point, he had acquired a measure of security and his vision for his art was clear. He soon began producing his signature large and small-scale wall sculptures that we see today, and within a couple of years his work was being shipped to collectors around the world.

His exquisitely finished works are of subject matter that reflects his own colorful life. A devoted husband and father to two young children, he lives a life filled with inspiration for his works. Alan’s musical, dance, and theatrical themes bring a room to life. His still life and architectural renderings show a unique ability to interpret relationships between objects in a dimensional medium. Alan’s works depicting sport reflect on a life as an accomplished athlete, and self-described sports junkie. Creative and energetic, he is enjoying his life and his gift of an opportunity to work with people in the creation of art.

Boileau’s work is available thru the finest galleries in North America. For the serious collector of fine art, consider an Alan Boileau for your collection. If you are interested in learning more about Boileau’s current work go to his website: You will be able to see examples of Boileau’s body of commissions ranging from very small pieces to mural size installations for public spaces on his website although the internet images limits one’s full appreciation of the textural, sculptural qualities that wood offers.

Works of Alan Boileau:
Jack of Hearts

King of Diamonds

Jack of Clubs

King of Spades

Queen of Hearts

Jazz Band

Singing Sisters



Still Life with Fruit Bowl

Still Life with Stoneware

Supermodel 2

Young Trio

3 Fish

Young Trio 2

3 Earth Tone Fish

Mother and Child

Ball Player

Pressure Putt

I grew up with an Alan Boileau wood sculpture in my parents living room of two quirky men playing chess. Later when I could afford one of Alan’s pieces I bought one of his harlequin musicians pieces. These particular colorfully dressed figures always make me smile when I look at them strumming their renaissance instruments. There presence was most necessary the other day when I discovered the remains of a std test kit in the waste basket of my teenage son. Oh boy, I thought and then began to freak out. I decided to do a bit of online search for at home std test kits to see what they were all about. I learned that most at home test kits for stds are between 95%-99% accurate and that the results show within 15 minutes. I also learned that many young people use them rather than going to a family doctor or a clinic if they are concerned. I decided I would take the leap and ask my son about the kit. While I waited for his return that evening I sat in my living room contemplating my Alan Boileau wood sculpture and making myself relax. I have to admit the karma from my harlequin musicians really made a difference. And my discussion later that evening went surprisingly well with my son assuring me his result was negative, he had no symptoms, and yes he would use condoms from now on. Phew!

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