David Dodsworth

David Dodsworth




Altamira I and II

Adobe I

Adobe II

Tempo I

Pico 6

Rega 2

Mira 2


David Dodsworth’s inspiration comes from a variety of sources: from the Abstract Expressionists to the images and sounds that surround him. Although he learned the fundamental skills of drafting and printmaking from the Lancaster School of Arts and from Polytechnic in Sunderland, his fascination with prehistoric drawing came from his extensive travels. His work may include American pictograms from 3,000 BC showing an ancient ritualistic past or delicately rendered animals from the 35,000-year-old caves of Chauvet. Additionally, some of his work may contain the calligraphy of Zen, or perhaps the transformational themes found at the Barrier Canyon.

Dodsworth creates a foundation for his paintings with a layer of acrylic resin mixed with marble paste; he may then apply carborundum steel powder to the surface. Oftentimes a stenciling process or stippling brush is used to echo the technique of the cave painters. Layers of translucent and opaque colors create complex hues and textures, which are then finished with glaze.

For his editions he constructs a series of plates from a sketched concept. The artist draws directly on an aquatint plate then uses a carborundum plate to produce textures and bold forms. There is intricate handwork and collage added to each piece. Dodsworth does not limit himself to one medium but instead works in several, most recently in glass. No matter what medium he chooses his creations are instantly recognizable and teach us about ourselves and the world around us.

His work has been exhibited worldwide and is in many corporate collections, such as Nomura Japan, M.L. Media, American express, and J.P. Morgan. People as diverse as Margaret Thatcher, Elton John, Ravi Shankar and Robert Di Niro are among his collectors.
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** Update **
After first viewing one of these works I was interested in the technique more than that of the overall appearance. It is amazing the amount of detail which is contained in each piece. The subtle texturing overlay of additional materials is exquisite. These works are truly a sight to see. There is a reason that so many art collectors have one of them in their collections. I myself find the style to be free flowing yet structured. There is a certain order to the chaos which is confined to the canvass.

There is absolutely no reason you should continue to miss out on this artist if you are unfamiliar. Please take some time to review his works. I am sure you will find them as tantalizing as I do. Let me know what you think after you look them over.

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