Kay Villalobos

Kay Villalobos

Carmel artist Kay Villalobos works in collaboration with her personal assistant, Francisca Hernandez to create unique, visionary works of art. Kay envisions and directs; Francisca understands and executes.

Many well known people have collected Kay Villalobos’ art. Although she made her name in Australian real estate, she has been involved in humanitarian causes in Australia for awhile. On a trip to the west coast of the US, She was introduced to Kay Villalobos by a mutual friend. She admired the artist’s work and was particularly intrigued by the collaboration between Kay Villalobos and Francisca Hernandez has produced a plethora of stunning pieces. She started to collect Kay Villalobos work through our gallery.

Kay began this collaborative phase of her artistic life after a automobile accident in 1997 resulted in paralysis that extends from her shoulders to her toes. Her first works were one-dimensional collages created from representations of religious iconic art, which were exhibited at the Day of the Dead exhibit at the National Steinbeck Center in Salinas.

For the 2002 Day of the Dead Steinbeck Center exhibit Kay moved to a two-dimensional piece by creating a large altar that represented a traditional altar seen in Mexican homes. In 2003, her concepts evolved into decorating a chair with a whimsical and religious motif. The chair is crucial to Kay’s imagery as she lives her life in her wheelchair. She views the chair she decorated as central to family life in a Mexican home: a comfortable seating place to have meals, conversation, and prayer. Kay continued to develop the chair motif and her 2004 creation, which included hundreds of glass beads depicting the faces of saints, was included in the Day of the Dead exhibit at the Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco.

Kay has now expanded her vision by applying collage art to mannequins of female torsos: striking representations of femininity, fertility, and motherhood. They are a celebration of the female form. Kay’s concepts spring from her unique sense of humor and her deep conviction that out of sorrow and misfortune art can be made, and when the creative spirit exists, the artist will find new and ever-evolving ways to express it.

** Update **

It is nothing short of amazing that this artist could flourish under such circumstances. She not only survived her accident but found a way to continue to live her life in a useful & constructive manner. She chose to use her accident as a stepping stone to becoming the person she envisioned herself as being. It is through nothing less than a miracle that she is able to create such beautiful & meaningful pieces with the help of her assistant who also puts forth a stellar performance as well. The entire story is breathtaking and inspirational to anyone who knows it

The bi – product is the art and for anyone who if familiar, it is first class. The partnership between Kay Villalobos and Francisca Hernandez has produced a plethora of beautiful pieces. The central theme and inspiration have a religious undertone which accents the art perfectly. Any art enthusiast would surely find much satisfaction in reviewing the works of this artist. There is a great story expressed in every one of them.

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