Malcolm Farley and Peter Max

** Malcolm Farley **

Jimi Hendrix 2
Jimi Hendrix
Jerry Garcia
Louis Armstrong
Jerry Garcia 2
Night Groove, BB King
Tiger St. Andrew
Tiger Augusta
Crosby Stills Nash

Internationally acclaimed artist Malcolm Farley is renowned for his visions of color and unique ability to capture the moment, the action, and the spirit of the event. In his unique impressionistic style, Malcolm blends color with the drama of some of the world’s most memorable moments in time.

Malcolm pauses, scrutinizes and shrugs. “Everywhere I look I see these fantastic, bright colors. It has been that way since I was a kid.”

This kid started painting at the age of eight. Particularly fascinated with energetic drive and aura of athletes, Malcolm Farley, an “all-everything athlete himself” cut his teeth painting the world’s greatest baseball, tennis, football and hockey stars.

In his formidable years, he traveled the world with his family; gaining cultural perspectives while “putting in time” during his junior high years at 9500 feet in Northern India and other global ports. As a scholarship athlete, he learned to combine his athletic talents and passion as a jazz saxophonist with art to obtain his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Metropolitan State College in Denver. After receiving various collegiate awards, Malcolm chose the path of a commercial artist, becoming a connoisseur of many styles. It was in this period that he experimented with numerous mediums, arriving at the intoxicating palette and imagery that moves the spirit of all who view his work. Today, his reputation as one of the modern master painters, he holds company with just a handful.

His most recent successes include commissions by; The Sopranos, Major League Baseball’s 30 most Memorable Moments, the NFL & Pepsi to release 800 million Superbowl commemorative cans, US Opens, Mikhail Gorbachev, All Star Games and the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. Many of these he styled after movie styled graphic. If you can find venues which sell movie posters and lobby cards you might find his work there. However, I would recommend staying away from the auction houses that sell movie memorabilia. There is a lot of potential for getting ripped off. The best approach is getting the movie memorabilia appraised by a respected authority who can cut through the hype and hustle to determine what your items are really worth. In addition, if you are planning on selling the poster, many appraisers can also provide you with instant cash offers on any of your items. Reputable appraisers are often themselves collectors or have a list of potential collectors. Working with a good appraiser makes the transaction much simpler and quicker than going through online auctions or auction houses.

Malcolm’s zest for life and ability to live in the moment is what gives him passion to paint.
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** Peter Max **

Beauty Fauve II #95
Better World Version II
Umbrella Man on Purple
Vase of Flowers Series 44
Vase of Flowers XXII
Flag With Heart Ver.IX#11
Flag with Heart Bronze
I Love The World


From bold, psychedelic landscapes in the 1960s to sensuous, painterly renderings in the 1990s, the art of Peter Max represents a unique blending of
cultural symbolism with an intense and vivid color palette.

The artist’s imagery has exerted a sweeping influence in the world of art that is often compared by critics to the Beatles impact on the music of our time.

Max celebrates the American experience and revels in popular American imagery, as reflected in the vibrant and exuberant images he created as Official Artist for World Cup 1994 and for the last five Super Bowls including Super Bowl XXXI. Peter Max has painted for five US Presidents and has received numerous awards for his contributions to America.

As a passionate environmentalist and defender of human and animal rights, Max has frequently directed his artistic energy toward noteworthy causes.

In 1992, he created the official postage stamps commemorating the first Environmental Summit held in Rio de Janeiro. As the Official Artist of Earth Day 1995, he embraces a cause for which he has long felt a personal commitment.

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