Michael French

Michael French

Michael French is an internationally recognized painter. He is a master of technique and his paintings are prized by discerning collectors. Michael brings to his landscapes a unique and serene vision. For over thirty years he has been exhibited in group and one-man exhibitions in New York, Paris and Toronto.

While predominately self taught, Michael benefited from the direction of his grandfather, John E. French, an artist tutelage of Thoreau MacDonald, an associate of the influential Canadian art circle, the Group of Seven.

Born in British Columbia, Canada in 1951, Michael realized his artistic vision early on. During philosophy and humanities studies at university he achieved the uncommon distinction in 1969 of having a successful first one-man exhibition at the age of eighteen.

Throughout the years, Michael has endeavoured not to follow trends in modern art, but instead pursued his own path while patiently mastering those difficult and time consuming techniques practiced by master painters and all but lost today. In these landscapes painted in oil and acrylic on acrylic panels he manages to achieve a translucent sheen and luminosity, through painstaking application of many layers of thin paint or waxed ink in the manner of Rembrandt and the Flemish Masters.

Although Michael French is a master of realism, his paintings are never devoid of emotion. The reality he portrays is a reality carefully filtered and altered by his unique emotional point of view. His feeling dictates his treatment of pigment, palette, composition and light. The final painting thus invariably presents a scene more perfect than simple reality. Reflecting the profound influence of the great early 20th century European surrealists such as Magreitte, French explores the extremes of light and conflict of shadows in his recent paintings. The viewer is left to ponder the interplay of daylight and sun cast shadows in mesmerizing scenes of dusk and encroaching night.

Landscapes and portraits by Michael French figure prominently in the finest public and private collections around the world. Notable portrait commissions include the Honourable Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and the elder George Bush in the Presidential Library, but many lesser collectors also have his work. One interesting collector who has bought several paintings, as well as commissioning several more, is a toilet paper wholesaler. Manufacturing rolls of toilet paper has been a family business for a number of generations. His great great grandfather (or there about), Joseph Gayetty, is widely credited with being the inventor of modern commercially available toilet paper in the United States around the 1850’s. Toilet paper certainly has come a long way from those early days. Anyway, this enthusiastic, but anonymous collector of French’s work has made millions with his company’s highly desirable soft, yet premium “green” toilet paper sold to folks who are eco-conscious. As an aside, I must say I am impressed with the wide variety of toilet paper that is available not only for individual consumption, but also for institutional usage.

In an age of uncertainty Michael French’s vision, as expressed through his paintings, bring us images of beauty, tranquility and serenity

They Sailed Away

Burning Off

The Friar

The Bay

Beaute Naturelle

Blue & Green

Corse Matin


To the 18th

Fog from the St.Lawrence

The Gander River

Homage to Vincent Van Gogh

Iris for Erika

Lake Langley

La Route de Mitan

Newfoundland Mist

Of Light and Night

Pillars of Troy

The River


Village by the Sea

Follow the Yellow Brick Road


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Another amazing example of fantastic art! if you are unfamiliar then you should take some time to familiarize yourself.

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