Reed Jensen

Reed Jensen

The Little Fisherman


Spring Flowers

Windswept (detail)

Ice Cream Girl

Reed Jensen attended the University of Utah in 1957 where he studied both architecture and sculpture. There he worked under monumental sculptor Avard Fairbanks, known internationally for his sculpture of Spartakus, which was commissioned by the Italian Government. Jensen also studied portraiture with Alvan Gittins. In 1955 the artist attended the Institute of Fine Art in Florence where he refined his study of wood and marble sculpting under Bruno Innocente.

In 1989, after retiring from a long career in building and development, Reed returned to his craft. Inspired by his son, a recent art graduate of the University of Utah, Reed approached his medium with a new passion. Just a decade later Reed is already widely recognized for his spirited sculptures of children like The Little Fisherman. In this work a dynamic composition and expressive face exudes sheer delight as the boy raises his wiggling trophy. The artist’s talent for creating emotion and energy in metal is most evident in the work he creates in ‘repousse’ (shaping metal through hammering, heating or pressing). His innovative sculpture entitled, Gunslinger, combines a head cast in bronze including marble teeth, crystal and abalone eyes with a bust of hand fabricated metals.

Today, both father and son have artwork in over 10 galleries nationally. Their mediums include innovative hand fabricated works in metal, lost wax bronze casting and mixed media sculpture.

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