Sam Park

S. Sam Park

NEW 2007 Afternoon in Capri

NEW 2007 Amsterdam

NEW 2007 Portofino

NEW 2007 Central Park NY

NEW 2007 Red Vineyards Of Napa Valley

NEW 2007 Venice

NEW 2007 Spring In Tuscany

NEW 2007 Chateau Grand Barrail St. Emillion

NEW 2007 Butchart Garden

NEW 2007 Napa Valley

NEW 2007 St. Emillion

NEW 2007 Cella De La Palla Frugell

NEW 2007 Annecy

NEW 2007 Portofino

NEW 2007 Victoria Is

NEW 2007 Capri Evening

NEW 2007 Evening of Mikonos

NEW 2007 Archway Cagne

NEW 2007 Tuscany Vineyard

NEW 2007 Hallstad Austria

Haute de Cagnes 2006 exhibit

Capri 2006 Exhibit

Tuscany Poppies 2006 exhibit

2006 Exhibition, French Flower Market

2006 Exhibition, Saint Paul des Vences

2006 Exhibition, Siene River

2006 Exhibition, Restaurantto Capri

2006 Exhibition, Hidden Cove

Village of Oberni

Rendevous in Nice From Treasures of France

Porto Venerep



Levillaged Aubrac


Paris Cafe

Paris Flower Market

Paris Twilight

Rainy Day Paris

San Gimignano

Fields of Tuscany

Dockside at Amalfi Park

Ponte Lago From Treasures of Italy

Sestiere di San Polo From Treasures of Italy

Vernazza from Treasures of Italy


Pathway to Provence

Pathway to St. Paul

Harbor View Portofino

Rendezvous in Nice From Treasures of France

Archway to Venice

Cafe in Cassis

Harbor at Honfleur From Treasures of France Suite

Afternoon in Annecy

Streets of St. Emilion

St. Michel Di Pagana





Afternoon in Capri

View Of Santorini


View of Portofino

Port of Managgio

St. Esprit

Le Village d’ Aubrac




Rue de Soleil

Tuscany Sunflowers

Springtime Vista

Mykonos Sunset

Evening In Capri

View of Santorini

Born in Seoul, Korea in 1949, Sung Sam Park began painting by the age of twelve. His talents as both a teacher and an artist were recognized immediately. By the time he entered junior high he was already teaching at a high school level. Park soon attracted the attention of prominent artists and heads of state. Impressed by the young boy’s talent, Byun Si-Jin, a university president of Jo-Joo Island became his private teacher and mentor. The President of South Korea, Yoon go-Sun, presented numerous First Place awards to Park for his entries in the national competitions of the Mok-Woo Art Society. To date Park is the youngest person ever to have entered such competitions.

Besides the usual obstacles to success as an artist, Park had to overcome the strident resistance of his traditional-minded Korean family. Five generations, the extended Park family had only one son. Sun Sam Park was the only son for his generation, and as such shouldered the burdens and expectations of a proud family. “Be an engineer, or something, anything respectable,” his father had exhorted him. But young Sam would not be deterred or dissuaded from his sense of destiny.

After graduating from Yung Ang University in 1973, Park traveled to France where he studied painting in Paris. His artistic style today clearly reflects that of the French impressionists. The artist briefly returned to Korea for a national competition sponsored by the 1988 Seoul Olympic games. With more than two thousand entrants in the competition, Park won and received a Gold Medal. Following the Olympics, his painting was purchased by the Hyundai Corporation for permanent display at their corporate headquarters.

Park then returned to Europe, where he lived for the next fourteen years, primarily in France, but also in Greece and on Cyprus. While living on Cyprus, he was commissioned by the President to paint the First Lady’s portrait. It is now on display in the Presidential Palace. Another painting Park created while in Greece depicted Michael Dukakis’ birthplace and was later purchased by the former governor of Massachusetts.

In 1994 Park came to America, where he continues to live on the West Coast. In the Spring of 1998 the first limited edition works by Sam Parks premiered at Hanson Gallery Carmel followed by a one man exhibition of his impressionistic work.

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