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Thomas Williams

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Thomas Williams, born in West Virginia, moved to Carbon County in 1977 to work in the underground coalmines. After working in the mines for 14 years, an accident forced him to leave the industry.

He graduated from the College of Eastern Utah in 1991. Williams then became determined to express himself in the form of arts and began painting in acrylics and oils. Relying on lifelong mining experiences, he started putting on canvas some of the scenes and images that had impacted his life. These scenes are from the old mining and railroad towns that used to dot Carbon County’s landscape and their unique people. He then donated one of his paintings, “The Tipple at Hiawatha,” to the Western Mining and Railroad Museum in Helper. It depicts scenes from the same mine Williams worked prior to its closure.

Williams has held sell-out shows since 1995 and is currently compiling information for the “Labor Heritage Journal” in Maryland.

“I will always paint laborers. I met and worked with many people and I will always respect those in Carbon and Emery County,” he said. “I just hope I do justice to the miners and railroaders of the area.”

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