The funny thing about dreaming to become something when you are younger is that it is never really a practical, thought out idea. It is always a romanticized, under – considered & in most cases, it’s irrational. This does not mean that people do not become what they always dream of being. It only means that in most cases the option has not been fully weighed out during childhood.

Let me think back to when I was a child for a moment. I remember always wanting to be an astronaut. A worthy & very admirable dream. It is not however very practical. There are no too many people who get to go into outer space. The few that do eventually got to go are not only at the top of their class mentally but physically. I have glasses & I have needed them since I was just a boy. I knew when I was dreaming about being an astronaut that it was not really possible for me even if my sub – conscious had not told my conscious mind yet.

This does not make my aspiration invalid. As a matter of fact it was not even the only thing that I dreamed of being as a child. I had another dream that I would one day be famous. I would be able to make it as an actor & the entire world would know who I was. When we evaluate this dream beyond the surface we find that it is also lacking in substance. I could have worked for my entire life, through school & beyond for my chance to star in a movie & though absolutely no fault of my own, I could easily fail to achieve that goal.

The truth is that, while we are young, we are not fully aware of the world or the possibilities that exist in it. We do not fully understand the obstacles that arise which can easily derail your train from it’s plotted course. The dream is ever evolving & the truth is that you can do what ever you want to as long as you keep dreaming. You have to continue to make those small adjustments because of new information which may slightly (or greatly) change your previous point of view.

It was never my dream to work with artists or in a gallery. I never even wanted to get rich or famous because of art. I only had a nominal interest in it until I started working in the field but now I know it is what I want to do permanently. You see, what I have learned about a dream is that it is ever evolving so that you cannot catch up to it but constantly have to continue to work towards achieving it.

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