Since I have taken the opportunity to become involved with the Hanson gallery it has enriched my life in so many ways. I have been given the chance to see some of the most interesting pieces of work, anywhere. It is awesome. I never imagined while I was growing up that I could be involved, even in the slightest way, with the art industry. I am still shocked at some of the pieces that I see come through. I have worked with a lot of artists people who I have spent a lot of time looking up to. It has in some ways been eye opening.

I spend much of my time helping to design the layout of shows. It means that I have to deal closely with the artists as well as their agents & other representatives. Not only this but I have to work in close contact with everybody else involved. This may sound like a glamorous job to you but be careful what you wish for. Let me explain that it is hard enough to deal with one person in who is set in their own way & likes everyone else to do things like they do.

When you must interact on a daily basis with a assortment of people who feel their way is the only way to do things the right way, there tends to be some conflict. Luckily, I am a people person so when this happens I go to work. Usually, it is only a difference in artistic vision & nothing more. most problems are easy to resolve. As long as everyone involved is mature about the issue at hand & ready to cooperate for the greater good everything goes off without a hitch.

Let me fill you in just a little nit about artists. Most artists are level headed. They are usually withdrawn & enjoy time away from the limelight. They are almost always easy to deal with. On occasion we do get an artist who does not know how to work together to achieve a common goal. They insist on everything their way & refuse to listen to any reason. When this happens we usually bend to their will & let them have their way.

I have to admit that when the artist overtakes the proceedings & begins to interfere with the overall design it bothers me. It is our job to design a good show. It is their work but we display it in a fashion which best suits the experience intended. It is in some ways an art form itself to be able to set up a fantastic show. If it is done wrong it can do irreparable damage to the artist.

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