Thorpe’s 5th Australian Tour Captivates New Audiences Coast to Coast!
Mackenzie relates current themes in his work to Kiwi collectors

October 2007 – Mackenzie’s work made its debut in Australia and New Zealand just five years ago. In a short span of time and in a marketplace where few international artists have been able to create a following. Mackenzie Thorpe is rapidly becoming one of the region’s most collected and recognized artists.

The powerful statements made by Thorpe’s monumental work in bronze have resonated so strongly that four of these spectacular works have been placed with collectors and institutions in the region in just the last year since they made their public debut at Mill Creek Park in Kansas City Missouri.

Auckland, NZ Exhibition

Mackenzie’s trip to this region has become an annual event, as has the Telethon in Perth, Australia which Thorpe has participated in for the past four years.
Recent shows in Perth, Sydney and Auckland netted nearly $150,000 for children’s charities in these cities as a percentage of show proceeds was donated to area children’s hospitals.

Mackenzie paints with royal Farwest Hospital kids

Mackenzie on stage as part of televised charity event in Perth

Finished collaborative hangs as centerpiece of show

Mackenzie Thorpe in Kansas City

Mackenzie Thorpe, Monumental Sculpture Installation
Kansas City, Missouri 
October-December 2006

Monumental Sculptures in Mill Creek Park, Kansas City, MO


Mackenzie Thorpe (creator) with “Skipping #1”

“Lean On Love”

“Falling In Love”

“Falling In Love” Detail

“On the Bench”

“This is All My Love” Partially Unveiled

“This is All My Love”

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